Thursday, 12 May 2016

This time last year? SS'16

T.M.Lewin recently contacted, asking me to produce a series of moodboards for their transitional menswear looks. Initially, I looked at the previous years SS collections, specifically Paris Fashion Week for inspiration. Upon doing so, I spent a few sleepless nights gathering ideas from my favourite magazines, both online and hard copies. 

At one point, I came across a page on Red Milk Magazine that stockpiled the best looks from PFW SS'16. I've decided to share them here, especially the ones that I have personally used as inspiration for my work and individual interest. I hope you see what I see, when I say I want to spend my whole life working in menswear and to end things in the most artistic mainstream manner (I hate being conventional though), here is a the words of Degas, "art is not what you see but what you make others see". 

He was a pretty huge nudist painter during his time. 

All photos sourced from Red Milk Magazine, 2015.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

A lazy girl's guide to being fashionable in 2016

In this day and age where minimalism has taken it's landing foot and decided to take over the fashion scene, life has turned into daily doses of simple basics and monotone colour schemes. Let me cut to the chase: it's become a lot easier to pretend you gave a damn about your outfit today.

Now I am a maximalist at heart (I tried being a minimalist, i'm just not cut out for that crap), I love all things statement, textured and I don't believe in having a "favourite colour". When I did a summer internship for a fashion company, I did not let a night's sleep pass by without assembling tomorrow's work outfit. However when the academic semester approached, I was still the average, lazy university student who occasionally woke up late for class. When you have 30 minutes to prepare on an empty stomach, you do not have time to put together innovative layers of garments worthy of street style photographers. You only have time to grab a pair of fresh jeans and a top to tuck into your jeans both the non-ironed bottom half and your shameless lack of fashion concern. I've done a similar post to this about a year ago, so here is an updated version of that look.

vintage checkered coat, zara pants, steve madden heels, L.Credi bag

1) Have a statement something, anything
It could be a printed coat, a bold accessory, a colourful bag etc. One statement piece incorporated into your basic af outfit is actually all you really need. This is fundamental if you want people to believe you actually have a sense of style. 

casual ootd
2) Make Up can make up your outfit. 
There is a reason why the beauty and cosmetics industry is the rival of the fashion industry and take up 40% of the pages in standard fashion magazines. There is an unspoken positive correlation between make up and clothes. Your outfit can look lazy but if your make up is flawless, it doesn't matter anymore. The right lipstick shade will give you fashion milestones. 
3) Heel it up. 
I've learned the powerful influence a pair of stilettos can have on your outfit. Everything looks on point when you're wearing shoes that are on point. Tracksuits, pyjamas, potato sacks will miraculously work with a pair of black heels and oh, don't forget.....stacks of confidence.

Monday, 7 December 2015

The Vogue Festival 2015 - An Inspiring Environment

vogue fest 2015

The year 2015 is coming to a close end and on a good note too. What's not to be grateful for? If someone told me 3 years ago that whilst in university I would get the opportunity to be in the same room as John Galliano, Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour and Alexandra Shulman all in the span of 10 months, I'd tell them to get outta town. Yet that's the wondrous thing about the British Fashion Industry, it's really open to creative minds and things are within your grasp if you go looking for it. I've been asked tons of times, questions along the lines of "how do you get to go to these events?" or " blablabla", you guys it's not rocket science. A simple google search, a fashion magazine subscription, frequent visits to the vogue website, save up your money and buy a few tickets. That's it really. I used to think people in fashion were very exclusive but no, they're actually rather......nice. None of that Devil Wears Prada crap seems to exist in British Fashion. 

I digress. Let's talk about how amazing seeing John Galliano in London was, or as I'd like to call him "Lord Couture". Well it was in the midst of a ripe Spring's day, Lord Couture sat on a chair facing Alexandra Shulman upon a stage in a South Kensington lecture theatre. I sat mid-row and behind me sat Susie Lau (I know, I had to stop every muscle in my upper-body from lifting my phone, attempting to sneak a selfie snapchat featuring Susie. I had to keep my cool). Open questions for the talk were regulated and asked to be sent in a week prior to the event. This was not surprising because the fact that Lord Couture even made a public appearance, in British Vogue of all places was already a hella huge revelation itself. So i'm sure Vogue had their conditions to keep and one of them was probably to avoid all attempts at any anti-semitic related questions or confrontations to John. As expected, the talk mainly consisted of his journey into Maison Margiela, he humoured the crowd and at the end of it all, left us inspired and emotional but mostly inspired.

vogue fest 2015
vogue fest 2015
vogue fest 2015
vogue fest 2015
vogue fest 2015
vogue fest 2015
vogue fest 2015

The whole festival was an eye-opener to how human fashion people actually are even if their entire lives have been built upon fabrication and clothing collections. If you haven't noticed, I've created a "magazine" tab on my categories banner. This is a landing page which I hope to fill up with more fashion articles from an ethical or "human" POV. This will include a range of topics in Fashion Politics, Fashion Psychology, Fashion Marketing, fashion reviews or even random pieces on amateur fashion editorials.........I didn't want my blog to rot away being a "fashion thought catalogue" because I still love taking fun OOTDs with flinging peace signs and cat emojis. I think that giving up that fun side was too drastic of a move so i'll just be re-categorising them. I am also taking in any written donations into my new "magazine" tab, so this is a calling to the public (anyone and everyone), I would really like to read and publish your thoughts or ideas revolving around fashion on this blog. It can be dramatic questioning states of fashion like "Why do we even fashion?!?" to simple fashion reviews of a small songket bridal line from KL fashion week. I'm interested and i'm interested to see if anyone else is interested. 

So if you want to write a post for ninaaneko's "fashion magazine", send it to this email!