Sunday, 3 May 2015

Why do you?

Three months ago, Harper's Bazaar Singapore released an article called "Why don't you?" by Diane Von Fustenberg. The irony (obviously done on purpose, i'm not that daft okay.) in this is that Diane, who wrote this as an up-to-date spoof to Diana Vreeland's former magazine role - almost shares the same name as Diana. Just a vowel away, when you think about it. Compliments to Harper's Bazaar Sg, that was a very bold move.

I'd like to believe that Vreeland wrote the Harper's Bazaar column for 25 years not just to give eccentric suggestions, but also to question and mostly, ridicule the morals and culture of the typical modern American woman at that time. However, DVF's version wasn't enough for me to represent a modern twist. I think the article was light and playful, which isn't a bad thing but I do feel that there is more to say. More to show, more to highlight and most of all...more to question.

In my response, I've come up with my own, exaggerated version of the iconic column with sarcastic answers. This time addressing a younger generation, under the superficial idea that we are constantly fed by social media as a peer steered society. If Vreeland showcased a fashion decade of materialistic ideals, I want to awaken the opposite. It only makes sense to question "Why do you?" instead because we've grown far from the Vreeland years into a more rebellious, curious generation with the capacity to always have an opinion towards everything Vreeland would've questioned. I'll be throwing in photos from vintage magazines just to fill up this dramatic post visually. The following answers are not direct quotations, so here is an insincere apology in advance if you feel addressed because you weren't, so get over it.

W h y   d o   y o u  . . . 

This is the way boys see you what you do solely because your gender role prompts you to? 

Of course I shouldn't cry, it's an unspoken rule that men don't cry in public. 

Be a Weed

...think conforming to having no fashion sense makes you a unique individual when really that in itself is a fashion statement that doesn't make you any different? 

My 6 year old jeans and Tshirt is all the effort I can muster up every morning.

Twiggy 1

..feel the need to identify with a certain beauty figure to represent your own beauty? 

 What if #strongbrows are the new thigh gaps?

Vanity Fair

...humblebrag on social media as if trying to maintain a modest personality? 

Why do people tell me that I sound like a native English speaker for an Asian, i'm confused!

Prized possession

...depend on your smartphone so much? 
I don't know what my phone number is or anyones' really. Who does anyway?!

 more for cats than a starving nation? Miao!
Pink dress and turquoise shoes

Bonnie Doon
...have more pretty shoes than good memories that don't involve being in bed and binge watching on Netflix
I have F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and a great shoe rack.
ShadesMystrece so many books but still can't see things in a broader light? 

Only on vogue.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Village Press Day - AW '2015 Menswear

A few weeks ago, Sol gave me his invitation for Fashion Press Day in London. If you're not familiar with how the commercial side of fashion works (I had no idea actually), press day in a nutshell is a large exhibition in some giant studio that occurs right after the runway show. It's where editors, stylists, journos and stockists get a chance to know more about the design aesthetics, price range and the designer. Lookbooks of every collection are also available. You get guided around every collection and each piece of garment, explained in detail to you of it's construction and idea. This served as a free masterclass on menswear for me to be honest. 

It's really fascinating because if you're relatively new to fashion as an industry, you've probably only thought designers showcased their designs in runways and stores. When in truth, these exhibitions and open press days are just as crucial for any designers who want to break into the market.

All this seriousness aside, I arrived at Old Street - probably the youngest looking creature in the building and I awkwardly went to check in as "Sol" in the registration. I will admit the food lounge and free ice-cream was the first thing that had caught my attention but then I was brought through rooms of designer racks and suddenly ice-cream didn't seem to matter anymore. Deep note; there are greater joys in life than ice-cream and I found it in designs. It wasn't overwhelming like fashion shows, it was very cool and unhurried. So here is the breakdown on some menswear I knit picked from Village Press Day - Autumn/Winter 2015.

Fashion Press Day - Menswear

I went to the iconic first because those collections had consistent designs, the quintessentials like varsities, bombers, materials of PU leather and nylon. This typically included SUPRA, Majestic Athletic, Brooks etc. The Autumn/Winter season for their heavyweight jackets had a twist though, patchwork patterns along the arms which really allows the jacket to have a less streamlined concept - which is how people usually associate them. Although some people prefer them empty in order to get their own personalised patches, I still think it was a fancy, symmetrical tweak to their original design.

Fashion Press Day - Menswear

Next up, were the contemporary designers - my favourite kind. A pink thunderbirds sweater from Lou Dalton says it all for me. She really knows how to carry forward male tailoring with classical cuts but modern prints. From online streaming, most of Lou's work can be seen very culture influenced, youthful but also always has that preppy finish to it's tailoring. I think, how in just a single collection, she puts together this thunderbird comic sweater with a classic black trench style- really does bring out that aspect. Thunderbirds are go?!

Fashion Press Day - Menswear
Fashion Press Day - Menswear
Fashion Press Day - Menswear

The first thing that pops into my mind, whenever I come across a Miller design is COMPLEXITY, COMPLEXITY and COMPLEXITY. I remember when I got a hold of their previous collection, Matthew Miller had sent a long, luxurious, navy vest from their Untitled Mixed Media Collection. A vest right? How much complexity can a vest actually board on? Well, you tell me because when you're presented with a slip on, v-neck, pleated, layered, two different hemlines - in one single "simple" vest, you start to question the normality of a vest. Despite simplicity being conveyed in the designs, it's really well.....complex. From afar, the rack looks like a contemporary minimal assortment. Closer look, the range of materials used (hence: mixed media) on even basic garments like a biker jacket brings out the structure that makes Matthew Miller so distinctive. On a completely different note, check out this LookBook I made a few months ago featuring some Miller Designs, modelled by Mu'izz from WearriorInstinct

Fashion Press Day - Menswear
Fashion Press Day - Menswear
Fashion Press Day - Menswear

Ever since I stumbled upon Peter Jensen's menswear, I've had the vision that if I was born a boy - I would dress myself from head to toe in Peter Jensen's designs. I'm a lover of colour and print, I think they bring out a humorous side of fashion we forget nowadays because everyone prefers streamlined content and monochromatic styles. His Peanuts collaboration emphasised on Snoopy and Charlie Brown, again nodding towards the designer's quirky comedic style.  It's clever and gives a charismatic side to the link between personality and the clothes you wear. Peter being Danish includes that in his designs but with a balance of a London subculture.

Fashion Press Day - Menswear
Fashion Press Day - Menswear

Kit Neale leans more towards an abstract approach for me, even though many label him as a contemporary designer (I do too). The use of print and a dynamic colour scheme are the foundations of his designs. It's modern, cultural and also youthful - which really strikes me because today's generation of fashion subcultures are so eager to follow through the minimalistic (again, monochromatic or all white) drift in style. Kit Neale challenges that but is still able to represent his designs with the younger crowd and appeal to them with this exciting and vibrant characteristic. 

We need more colour in this world but we're too into personalisation and having an identity in our clothes that we tend to just stick with a comfortable scheme. I will stop here and continue onto womenswear on another post before I turn too philosophical, as I often do with fashion.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Bloggers Fashion Week 2015


I've mentioned the negative connotations on bloggers countless of times but people really do look down on you when you're at a fashion event, and your greatest response to "what do you do?" is "fashion blogging". If there was a hierarchy in the fashion world, bloggers would most probably be positioned in the lowest chain. So it is not a surprise when a blogger-based event is equally met with the same disapproval. However, none of this stopped me from attending Bloggers Fashion Week, an event hosted by Bloggers Love. Basically, Bloggers Fashion Week is a two day event that helps promote local and international brands through exposure to bloggers as well as a hub for bloggers to get to know each other. I didn't see any loss in going; it was free and it felt like a breath of fresh air to go to an invitation-less fashion event which for once - was very welcoming towards bloggers. 

And I was right. It was worth the endless google map searches and walking through a dodgy street in London asking directions towards 4th Floor Studios. Mind you, this place was dead scary and I, with my bright green coat, looked like a telytubby in the midst of a setting for Nightmare on Elm Street. That was on the outside though, one step into the place and it was quite the unexpected. Stalls of fashion brands lined up, bloggers buzzing from every angle, a mini catwalk prepared, a snack bar, DJ in full action and an adorably fat cat present too. Yes, it was like stepping into freaking Narnia guys.



I'm wearing a Get Clobbered glitter collar with pearls.

Get Clobbered was one couture accessories brand that stood out to me the most. This literally is the perfect brand for "statement" accessories, because these pieces alone with even the most basic potato sack on you, would create conversations. White tee and just jeans on? Throw in a Get Clobbered collar and it would almost make me look like I actually know what i'm talking about when I yap on about fashion on this blog. Get Clobbered says to value craftsmanship, which I can see through their intricate patchwork and design. I guess this is why they stood out at BLFW, the idea of appreciating artistic methods of producing accessories bring out an authentic individual style. The fact that all of this was made out of recycled materials was just a bonus to their designs - hello, ethical fashion and uniqueness?

Fruit dress designed by First Fruits. Interesting side note: this dress was also featured in London Fashion Week.
The past few weeks, I've been eyeing all things crochet thanks to a recent asos magazine editorial. I've been contemplating on this dress to wear with a pointy collared white blouse. So stumbling across Eva Cammarata was like hitting the jackpot. The mix of textiles, notably crochet knitwear skirts and a very 70's colour scheme is so underrated. Just like the previous brand, Eva Cammarata practices an environmental friendly and sustainable manufacturing process.IMG_4658

Mink&Stone based on custom made jewellery, exhibiting a very bohemian style. Again, also very underrated.


DJ Fabienne with her cartoon patterned two piece. 

Ending this post with a few of the free stuff I got from the beauty bar at BLFW. Benefit cosmetics, LipGlam, Umberto Giannini and Exuviance products. 

The experience really took me by surprise. Despite the space being relatively small compared to usual fashion venues, it didn't really bother me as it provided an excuse to chat up with bloggers while waiting for a turn around booths. The atmosphere of enthusiastic bloggers was so different and exhilarating at the same time and I can assure you, I'll be back for the fourth season of Bloggers Fashion Week.